Be Active

Be active, get outside, get your heart rate up… these are phrases I have heard from just about every social media site, read in print, and even heard from my doctor. I get it, mama didn’t raise no fool. I understand that half, if not more of winning the battle of the bulge is getting active. The issue I have with all of this is… what am I supposed to wear???

Being plus sized can be difficult at times, to say the least. Going to a store and trying on clothes is not my idea of a fun time. Then, trying to find clothes for activities that are traditionally thought to be for people who are fit and slender is even worse.

I live in the Midwest (Wisconsin specifically) and at least six months of my year is spent with temperatures below 30°F. Participation in any winter activity requires layers upon layers of clothing. For someone my size, finding these layers can be challenging to say the least.

What started as a quiet wish when looking for a new ski jacket and pants has now turned to this: AlpineCurves. I believe passionately in order to get active and moving we plus size woman deserve stylish and functorial outdoor wear. My goal is to push our clothing manufactures to think beyond size 14. I would also like to challenge the perception of plus size woman in the clothing industry. With over 67% of woman in the United States being size 14 or above, our plus size woman IS the everyday woman.

I won’t stop until I can have lime green ski pants and a hot pink ski jacket. Then, you will for sure see me coming down the mountian.

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