Oh the Places We Will Go…

Who would have thought when I called my brother three weeks ago with a crazy idea he would be on board? Ever since my husband and I had gotten home from our annual ski trip to Colorado, I had been stewing on this idea. My poor husband had to hear me talk about it ad nauseam. In a moment of super chatty Kathyness I decided to call up my brother Dan and pitch my idea to him.

I half expected him to be what we refer to as “Cynical Dan” or just grunt and give me a few “uh huhs”.  Much to my surprise he didn’t balk too much, in fact he seemed somewhat intrigued. Coming from being in sales for the last 20 years, I took him being intrigued as a win. Once I  knew I had him sort of in to the idea, I knew his analytical mind would start researching. See that’s the advantage of working with family, you know how to hook them.

To give some frame of reference, let me give a little history on my brother Dan and I. On the surface, Dan and I look similar, we both have blond hair, blue eyes, and weirdly we are both left handed. This is where the similarities end. I am a self-professed extravert, the more people to hear me tell my stories the better. Dan is… how do I say this… the complete opposite. My world is filled with a lot of gray areas and Dan’s is very black and white. Dan has been in law enforcement his entire adult life and I have been in sales. I am what some would say plus size (I say Rubenesque) and he is very athletic.  So, you see, very different but, I think just different enough that it works.

So fast forward to today… here we are about to start this journey/ adventure/ what the hell are we doing. I am crazy excited, filled with the perfect mixture of fear and excitement. We got this, that I am sure of!

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