A Community That Celebrates You

Since starting this journey, we have been getting a lot of advice from different sources. I have to say, it can be overwhelming at times. So, Friday I took a vacation day from my paying gig and worked on building out the social media side of AlpineCurves. I have been pretty excited to tackle this portion of the business. Not only do I see AlpineCurves becoming a place for plus size women to come and shop for their outdoor wear and gear, but I also see it creating a community. A community that celebrates women and says to the rest of the world; we belong here!

I remember when I finally decided to hell with it, I am plus sized and I need to embrace it. I have been an avid blog reader since the beginning of blogs. Some blogs I have been reading for so long they seem like family to me. One blogger in particular really spoke to me; Brittany Gibbons. Prior to reading her blog, I was still trying to squeeze my big ole’ butt into size 16 at ‘you name’ it retail store. Too terrified to even think of venturing over to the plus size section of the store…I mean the horror of it all, ya know!

Watching her through her journey of self-love and acceptance helped me to realize there is absolutely no shame in going to the plus size of the store. Not only that, but there are stores that cater specifically to plus size woman and their clothes are cute to boot! (I am looking at you Lane Bryant and Torrid!) Once I started buying clothes that actually fit me, my love for fashion that had been suppressed for so long began to reignite. This really was a turning point in my life. I can’t express it enough. It was as if a new world was open to me and that world said I deserve to look and feel beautiful no matter what size or shape I am. Ha! I get a little verklempt just thinking about all of this.

This journey with AlpineCurves is not only a new business opportunity; it is my passion. I want women of all ages to have a new world open to them like mine did with Brittany. We deserve to be able to do all the same activities our peers do and to look good while we are doing it. Shoot! Doing the activity is intimidating enough; we shouldn’t have to worry about what we are wearing!

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