The Struggle Is Real

Just this past week I was searching for a specific type of clothing, I need for my paying gig. I was not looking for anything fancy… I mean it’s flame retardant clothing. How cute can it be? When I started looking I had ideas that I wanted a red checked shirt…Then I thought, okay maybe I will go with a red or pink shirt… Then I got to the point of, I guess I would be okay with a basic no frills tan shirt. My frustration started to grow and grow, I could not find anything that was plus size. Several manufactures offered 2XL shirts but none were true 2X clothing.  Not only could I not find a true plus size shirt, I could not find one company that provided me with a size chart. This is where I get real here… WHAT THE HECK GUYS!!!! How the heck am I supposed to make sure any of these shirts will fit?

There are times I look around and wonder, “Am I the only plus size woman in this industry or doing this activity?” You know what, I know I am not; if I am dealing with these issues I can guarantee there are other women out there having the same frustrations. It’s through these types of experiences that I am becoming more resolved in the concept/ mission for AlpineCurves.

I am so proud of the relationship my brother/partner and I have started to foster through this experience. He is starting to see the world through my eyes or better yet, a plus size woman’s eyes. As we discuss new lines to bring on and how we plan to market these products on our site, he is the first to mention we need to make sure they have a size chart. Something so simple is crucial when buying clothing online not only for smaller sized people but especially for the plus size person. It’s the little things like that, that can turn a simple task of shopping for flame retardant clothing, into me becoming a crying mess, feeling crummy about my weight and size because I can’t find anything other than men’s clothing that will fit me.

Our commitment with AlpineCurves is to make a site/ shopping experience I would gladly do business with myself.

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